1. Building Trust

Welcome to Building Trust module.
This module is comprised of the 3 lessons below:

Trust and Relationship Building(Lesson)

Sometimes mentors come on too strong, sometimes not strong enough. So much depends on the dynamic between the mentor and the new teacher. So what’s a mentor to do? Building trusting relationships is essential groundwork for mentoring. This module addresses how to go about doing just that by providing mentors with practical strategies and activities to develop and maintain collegial relationships with new teachers.

Coaching Language and Techniques(Lesson)

What should a mentor look for when coaching a new teacher? If something goes wrong in instruction, how does a mentor deliver the bad news? And how does a mentor get a teacher to become self-reflective? This lesson includes advice on how to conduct observations—from the pre-observation conference, to data collection, to delivering feedback. The activity in this lesson is a “Must Do”—it’ll really help mentors get a feel for coaching!

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