School Leadership and Improvement

Creating a Culture, Vision, and Mission(Lesson)

creating culture

The culture, vision, and mission of a school have a major impact on the learning environment for students and the working environment for faculty and staff. This module addresses each of those three areas and provides examples of how to create a more healthy learning environment.

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Define and differentiate between school culture, climate, vision, and mission
  1. Understand the process for creating a school vision and mission
  1. Identify crucial components for inclusion in a school's vision and mission

Leading Systematic School Improvement(Lesson)

School improvement

Without effective school leaders, many schools simply have "pockets of greatness". An effective school leader must take steps to ensure the entire system is functioning effectively. This lesson focuses on some of the practices that can help a school leader make systematic change in their school.

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