Mentoring New Teachers

This MentorModules workshop will take approximately 10-15 hours to complete (not counting the time it will take to read each article). 

Three modules

The modules were designed to emphasize the importance of learning among ALL students. Therefore, in addition to demonstrating how to build the mentor relationship, the modules cover topics such as how to help new teachers engage English Learners and create lessons that are culturally responsive. The case studies show how mentors can help teachers get beyond stereotypes and surface-level observations and really look closely at children’s learning in data-driven ways.

  1. Building Trust
  2. Responding to Diverse Learners
  3. Enhancing Mentor Knowledge

Each of the three modules are made up of  three lessons that contain a myriad of multimedia resources. Each lesson will take approximately  1 – 1 ½ hours to complete (not counting readings).

Each lesson will include:

  • Lesson Objectives—be sure to read these carefully and discuss them
  • Real World Case— video scenarios were created to demonstrate typical issues a teacher mentor is likely to encounter
  • Questions about the Case — we provide a series of questions after the videos to prompt thought and discussion
  • Resources to build knowledge—articles, expert interviews, video demonstrations, and “Give it a Try” activities were created to help participants gain a deeper understanding of the lesson. Use what helps, leave what doesn’t. There should be more than enough to choose from.
  • Review Questions—These questions will help you to synthesize new understandings that you’ve gleaned from the case and the building knowledge resources
  • Reflections—Highlights of the lessons will help “stick”  the big ideas of each lesson.

There is no precise order for the modules; however, we suggest that you do the “trust and relationship building” lesson early in the process to make sure that as a mentor you get off to a good start!

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