Preparing New School Leadership

This MentorModules workshop will take approximately 10 hours to complete (not counting the time it will take to read articles).

Learn the basics of leading a school. This workshop includes four focal topics:

  1. Instructional Leadership
  2. Human Resources
  3. School Leadership and Improvement
  4. School Operations

Each topic includes 2-3 lessons. Facilitation is key! These lessons are intended to be facilitated by experienced school leaders. The lessons were designed flexibly to be completed in online, hybrid, or face-to-face sessions; however, we recommend that facilitators have at least a few “new school leaders” take the workshop simultaneously to allow for collaborative learning experiences. Several lessons include prompts for discussion as well as interactive activities that can be completed in online discussion/video-conferencing rooms or in face-to-face classes.

These workshops utilize print, online, and video media to provide resources for facilitators who are preparing the next generation of school leaders. Each lesson contains the following elements:

Part 1: Introduction and Objectives – This includes what will be learned in the lesson.

Part 2: Demonstration Video – These videos set up a scenario to demonstrate the topic, and video includes discussion questions. Prior to viewing, the questions elicit background knowledge. After the viewing, the questions require that viewers consider specific elements of the video. Each video includes a brief summary.

Part 3: Resources and Activities – Articles, websites, guides, and ideas for interactive activities are presented here to promote knowledge building.

Part 4: Review and Reflect – Questions invite participants to reflect on their learning to summarize their learning from each lesson.

There is no precise order for the modules; however, we recommend “instructional leadership” as the beginning point because it is the most important role for school leaders.