GROWS – Way Forward, Summary (Preview)

Part 1: Intro & Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn more about the GROWS model, with a focus on the final two steps: Way Forward and Summary.

After completing this lesson you will be able to:

  • Understand how to use the two final steps of GROWS (way forward, summary) to develop an action plan;
  • Use active listening, and strategic questioning through each stage of GROWS.

Part 2: Video Demonstration

As you watch the video, try to Identify each step in the GROWS model.

  • Did the mentor show movement through the GROWS process?
  • How did the mentor show active listening?

Use the GROWS Mentoring Session Plan Worksheet as a tool to record the problem solving structure of this discussion.

  • What prompts are helpful to moving the discussion through the GROWS steps?
  • Tell how active listening was demonstrated.

Based on conversations with staff and parents and the examination of student data during her first two months on the job, the principal has concluded that although the school has a well-worded vision statement, no progress has been made in student achievement during the last five years. In addition, many teachers do not know what is contained in the vision. The principal wants to move forward with having a vision that has the support of stakeholders that can guide school improvement.

Part 3: Resources & Activities

It’s About the Questions

Bearwald, R. R. (2011). It’s About the Questions. Educational Leadership, 69(2), 74-77.

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Trying out GROWS

Kise, J. A. G. (2012). Give teams a running start. JSD: The Learning Forward Journal, June, 2012 issue.

Read the article “Give Teams a Running Start”. Imagine that a new principal is trying to implement learning professional communities. Develop a session to facilitate a discussion for planning this school improvement initiative. Review the Prompts for GROWS Model for Facilitative Mentoring to get the discussion going.  Complete the GROWS Mentoring Session Plan Worksheet to outline some questions and prompts to get the conversation going at each step.

Note: This article requires subscription.

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Part 4: Review & Reflect

Now that you have completed this final lesson, think back on the GROWS model.

  • How will this serve you as a mentor?
  • What is your first “to do” that you plan?
  • What will you do to set the ground rules?
  • How will you establish trust? What will you do to introduce the GROWS model?
  • What difficultites do you foresee?
  • How will you cope with those difficulties?

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