Module 2: Responding to Diverse Learners

Welcome to Responding to Diverse Learners module.
This module is comprised of the following 3 lessons:

Culture and Language

What does culture have to do with it? Have to do with it? (Do you hear Tina Turner’s tune?) Well, teachers have figured out that it’s really important to understand how cultural and linguistic backgrounds influence instruction. The first step is to know yourself. So this lesson does not include a case. Instead, you should take some time to ask yourself some important self-reflective questions.

Differentiating Instruction

Understand the stages of second language acquisition and identify instructional strategies to support students. Distinguish the difference between Basic Interpersonal Communication (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP). Examine research-based strategies for supporting ELLs (Classroom Video Clip/reading activity)

Family and Community Engagement

Understand various types of parent involvement. Understand the value of family involvement among culturally diverse students in school. Recognize the perceived challenges to parental involvement and communication.