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MentorModules.com is a free online course to support new mentor development and coaching.

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MentorModules.com is a free online multimedia course and resource for
developing mentor teachers and instructional coaches.

Experienced Teachers

If you are an experienced teacher who wants to become a mentor to a new teacher, use this site as a guide. Each lesson provides important advice to ensure that the mentoring relationship is a fruitful learning experience.

Instructional Coaches

Are you a math coach or literacy coach (or do you coach teachers in other academic areas)? These modules provide practical examples of how to structure coaching conversation and observations.

Teacher Educators

Do you teach at a college or university? Do you lead professional development for teachers? This site gives important tips for teachers who will be mentoring new teachers, including student teachers and interns.

P-12 Administrators

You may be a curriculum leader in your school but wonder how to facilitate professional learning among new teachers. These lessons will help hone mentoring skills so that you can lead teachers to achieve more from instruction.